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We have recently purchased a building on Fraley Street in Kane for our Jim Airgood Rentals service. The building has 2 store fronts and office space on the ground floor with several apartments located on the second floor. We are continuously working on repairs and maintenance to make them ready for potential renters. We look forward to renting out the spaces very soon. Please feel free to call the office to inquire about any of the rentals we may have available. We would love to take the time to show the spaces to those who may be interested and provide any further information about them. 

We also provide Jim Airgood Pressure Washer Sales & Service and Jim Airgood Busing services. Click on our services page to read all about them as well as our Jim Airgood Rentals.

Our main office is located in our garage at 39 Old Smethport Rd, Kane, PA 16735. Kane is a beautiful town nestled at the edge of the Allegheny National Forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania. 

Kane, Pennsylvania

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Fraley Street Building

Different views of the Garage.

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